Sahg III

Sahg 3

2010, Indie Recordings

1. In Through The Eye
2. Baptism Of Fire
3. Mortify
4. Hollow Mountain
5. Mother’s Revenge
6. Downward Spiral
7. Shadow Monument
8. Burden
9. Denier
10. Spiritual Void


Produced by Sahg and Herbrand Larsen. Co-produced by Ice Dale.
Recorded in Earshot Studio, Grieghallen Studio and Mackverk Studio, Bergen, Norway. Mixed by Herbrand Larsen in Earshot Studio.
Mastered by Chris Sansom in Livingroom Studios, Oslo, Norway.


• • •


Sahg II

Sahg 2

2008, Regain Records

01. Ascent to Decadence
02. Echoes Ring Forever
03. From Conscious Sleep
04. Star-Crossed
05. Escape the Crimson Sun
06. Pyromancer
07. Wicked Temptress
08. By the Toll of the Bell
09. Monomania


Produced by Sahg and Brynjulv Guddal.
Mixed and mastered by Rob Caggiano and Paul Orofino in Millbrook Sound Studio, Millbrook, New York.


• • •


Sahg I

Sahg 1

2006, Regain Records

01. Intro: Parade Macabre
02. Repent
03. The Executioner Undead
04. The Alchemist
05. Rivers Running Dry
06. Whisper of Abaddon
07. Godless Faith (Video)
08. Soul Exile
09. Boundless Demise
10. Black Passage



Produced by Sahg and Brynjulv Guddal.
Mixed by Sahg and Brynjulv Guddal.
Mastered by Peter In de Betou at Tailormaid Productions.

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